Google Pixel 3 XL Launch 2018

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Google Pixel 3 XL Launch 2018

Google Pixel 3XL is undoubtedly the most dominant phone in the market having various significant features. In order to know more closely about what the phone has to offer, we will have to put an adjacent look at the company, its mission statement, its policies etc. Having information about all these will provide us with more awareness about the phone. Google has amazed us with the manufacture of such a strong phone. In the world of now, people have become very well aware of the features and the basics. People understand what the phone has to offer.

Display and features of Pixel 3 XL

Google Pixel 3 XL has a larger display as compared to Google Pixel 2 XL. It comes with a big display with a type of a notch at the top, giving an advanced look to the mobile phone. It has a 6.3 inches OLED display screen and has a 4GB of RAM. 4GB RAM is perfect for any mobile phone. Moreover, another noticeable feature of Pixel is the presence of silicon. Then comes the updated visual core of Pixel that helps in image recognition and tricks needed to have some better photographs. Previously, when Google launched its 2 XL, it had to go through a lot of troubles and had to face a lot. Firstly, people took a lot of time to accept the color saturation of the phone. The 2XL screen was okay. Customers had no complain regarding the screens.

Hardware of Pixel 3 XL

Talking about the hardware of the Google Pixel 3 XL, it is not as impressive as it should have been. Saying it is actually very bad or is worse would be wrong. It is not worse, but it has kind of failed to meet the expectations of people. It has added a lot of new features to it. One is the titan security chip. This feature helps you to store all of the delicate information or stuff that you don’t want everyone to view or you want to keep safe.

Camera of Pixel 3 XL

The camera of the pixel 3 XL isn’t too bad as well. It helps users take motion photographs so you don’t have to worry if you blink mistakenly while taking a picture. Top shot feature makes it easier to take moving pictures. You can walk and have still pictures. In order to get a full effect while capturing a photograph, all you need to do is Google Lens shooting mode. This mode allows you to have clearer, and more focused pictures. Google lens is a very obliging and cooperative tool that helps in getting the desired photos and also, it is very convenient to use. Another camera feature includes the Night Sight mode. This mode not only allows you to have high quality nice pictures at night time but also every time there is low light around. Google is also working on the wireless charging stand which would be known as the Pixel stand.