More Engagements on Twitter Can Change Your Fate in 2019

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More Engagements on Twitter Can Change Your Fate in 2019

How to have more followers on your Twitter account

Twitter can be a very stressful social media platform. Unlike Snapchat or Facebook, it’s difficult to feel like your content is being seen or enjoyed by others when the only ones interacting with your content are your friends or people that know you  in real life. Trying to improve that in the wrong way and it’ll just make you look desperate and hungry for followers.

Following are the ways in which you gain more followers on Twitter.

Selecting the Right Profile Picture:

The first thing a person ever sees on your twitter is your profile picture, so it is always good to make a good first impression by choosing the right picture and cover photo. It is better to have a picture or a painting/sketch of you or your face on your personal account, which will show you off for who you are. The cover photo will help you to express your inner emotions. Try to pick the pictures that you like the most and not change them often.

Writing a Good Bio:

After your profile picture and cover, viewer will most likely read the bio. On twitter they don’t really have the time to read long bios so don’t be over passionate. Your bio should be a compact summary about you or what you like but don’t fill it with unnecessary links or tags. Using a little bit of humour is also appreciated but it’s not enforced if you don’t want to.

Getting Verified:

Getting verified is a very rewarding thing as it attests who you really are and who you show yourself as in front of your followers. Getting verified is not an option for the public for the time being but accounts of large followings or popularity can still be verified.


Tweeting frequently is the most basic and the best thing a user can do to gain and keep their followers. Except you are a famous celebrity already, you’ll need to tweet frequently to not risk losing your followers because they forgot about you or just lost interest. That doesn’t mean you have to spam tweets about every little thing that happens to you or comes to your mind but tweeting at least once a day shows your followers that you use twitter somewhat regularly.

Responding and Retweeting:

Retweeting is basically sharing someone else’s tweet. It shows your personal interests and people who see that retweet of yours with similar interests may start to follow you too. It’s a very easy way by which you can connect with other people. Sharing an interesting article can cause a conversation to stir between your followers.

Use famous Hashtags:

The use of trending hashtags is a great way to gain attention and get more people to see your tweet. If someone searches for that particular hashtag your tweet is bound to show up. It also involves you in that conversation, and allows you to connect with others of same interest.

Following People with Similar Interest:

Use enough twitter and you’ll start to do this naturally, finding and following people of similar interest can gain you a huge follower boost as this exposes you to their fan base and most will start to follow you too. Tagging them or having them tag you is a easy way to bring light to each other’s accounts. Or if you are doing this everyday but want to boost, then buying 300 followers on twitter can also motivate the other people with similar interest to follow you.